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Attention young and inexperienced... This one is for you!

There’s this common misconception about auto finance companies and how they’re strictly business and never personable. They seem to only care about the transaction and never the client. Too often an inexperienced person walks into this atmosphere and winds up getting into a situation that is harder to come out of then it took to get into. With that being said my spouse and I being young were skeptical and expected the process to be just that. Nonetheless we persisted and decided to look into this option further and let me just say now .... that wasn’t the case at all. In fact we were greeted by a lovely young lady named Sasha upfront and immediately directed to our also very friendly young rep Justin. It sounds funny, but I emphasize the company including younger floor members because going back to that misconception... older reps and these companies typically gray out areas on the contract and seem to essentially trap the inexperienced by brushing over the fine print... right? Well this was not the case. No matter the question big or small Justin had the ability to answer. He even understood something no one else could and that was understanding how tough it can be in your early 20’s diving head first without the proper knowledge on the ins and outs of financing a car and what that entails! This really put us at ease. Justin was transparent with every detail including the importance of certain aspects on the contract we should really be paying attention to. He wasn’t shy on providing his fellow younger new clients some trustworthy advice that will help set us as young adults up for success going forward. It’s been a pleasing experience. Our expectations were low and Justin knocked the ball out of the park. Auto use works with you and really cares for their clients no matter the age and how much you carry in your pocket. I have had no problems thus far and intend to keep it that way. Thank you Justin! We look forward to keeping this experience a seamless one!

Just Amazing!!!!!

This is my 5th car purchase through Auto Loan, and this experience I have to say has been the best. Although the others were great, purchasing a new vehicle during a global pandemic has its challenges and I think we experierenced every challenge with this purhcase. But with Sales Joe Salois and Manager Dave Salois, I was able to remain at ease knowing that they both were trying everything and doing what they could to make sure everything was taken care of. I'm definitely happy that I'm apart of the Auto Loan Family. Their communication through-out the process whether it was my 9000 emails to them and their 9005 responses back to me, they always knew the answer. Or even a phone call to ensure I was still happy with the vehicle. Absoulutely AMAZING. They made a stressful time, not so stressful.

Repeat Customer - Because they're the BEST

I was fortunate enough to meet Seth in 2016 via a referral from a friend. I bought a beautiful Lincoln MKZ. It was immaculate when I picked it up and I never had one issue with that vehicle. Unfortunately in 2018, a semi-trailer drove over the Lincoln and it was a total loss. I decided to go through a friend to replace the Lincoln and they used a different bank for my financing. Not only did I not truly like the vehicle because I rushed into buying it but, the bank lacked the customer service that I was used to with AutoUse. One of the good things to come out of 2020 for me is that I had the opportunity to work with Seth and AutoUse again and just bought a vehicle I've been wanting for over 20 years......a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Beyond grateful and excited! I can't say enough good things about my experience dealing/working with AutoUse all around.

Twins & a Car

About 2 years ago I was a very pregnant soon to be mom of twins. My credit was less than subpar after dealing with a prior divorce and was taking the train to work daily to and from Boston. I reached out Autouse and was paired up with Seth. The process was easy, quick and not at any point were my past credit problems ever looked down upon. Needless to say we are in the market for another car and knew who to turn too. The entire team at autouse understands that life sometimes isn’t what is perfect on paper or in a number they look at the overall picture and help you get into something that will work for you.

Excellent company

I have just leased my third vehicle with Auto Use. I have always been treated with respect and everyone is so professional. The sales person I dealt with on this lease was Jose. He is the epitome of professionalism. He made me feel comfortable and answered all of our questions. He is a wonderful asset to your company. Hold on to him. 5 stars are not enough

Seth and Dave Rock

We have been buying our cars from Auto use since 1998. We have never been let down. Seth is honest fair and knowledgeable and the cars have never given us any problems. I highly recommend them!

The Best Team Ever!

Over 14 years ago I was unemployed due to a cancer diagnosis. Once I was in remission and started a new job, I was in need of reliable transportation. I was referred to this company since my credit was not in good standing. They were able to help me get into a vehicle with reasonable terms for 5 years. This past weekend, I picked up my NEW 2018 Honda Accord Touring and I am ecstatic! This is the 3rd car I have leased form Auto Use in Andover. Although I could have 'shopped around' other dealers, since my credit is now in good standing, I stayed with them as a loyal customer because they helped me when I needed them. Thank you to MY TEAM; manager Dave and Sales Associates Steve and Jose. I never felt pressured with my options of buying out the lease or getting a new vehicle. You are all a pleasure to work with!!! Happy Spring and see you in 5 years. Gratefully, Lisa


I was in desperate need for a new/better car. I had gone to my dealership and explained I hadn't had great credit but I needed something. Auto loan was able to get me into the car I not only needed but wanted as well, the payments are small and this is helping me build my credit! Thank you so much!!

25 years Strong

In 1994 we were Given a chance. 24 years later and many vehicle upgrades, we are loyal customers. Seth and Dave are the best they are the reason we keep going back. CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE. Anthony/Valerie Parks

Good experiences

I have been with auto use since 2000 and have always maintained a great relationship with them over the years. In a time where the working class can't get by auto use helps you when other places give excuses. Great people great quality of customer service.


A little over a year ago my husband's truck kicked the bucket. A friend at my work gave me Seth Bannon's card and said, "If you go to him, you will never go anywhere else". I was worried because I didn't have the best credit. I called Seth and he was so unbelievable, he made me feel like a person. He went above and beyond to help my husband and I find the right vehicle at a price we could afford. Not two wks later my vehicle needed major work done. Seth once again helped and Im now driving a phenomenal car. I have since refered a friend who has gotten 2 vehicles from Seth and that friend refered a friend who also got a vehicle. I will continue to refer to Seth and will also be a life long customer!

It's all about the small things. Mr. Parker's attention to the small things sets him apart from the rest. This has been one of the most refreshing vehicle buying experiences I've ever been a part of. There was no pressure, and I actually felt like I was Mr. Parker's only customer. Every phone call was answered in a timely manner, and whenever I had a question, Mr Parker had the answer I was looking for. To my surprise, when I took delivery of the vehicle, I had a brand new set of car mats, and a spare key was made for me. It's those small things that Mr. Parker strives to do, ensuring his customers are beyond satisfied. Thank you so much for a great experience !!!

Seth is the best

Seth is a great guy and makes the experience great. I'll always go to him. He is very into the details and makes everything easy for the customer. Thank you auto use. I love my new car and I loved my old one.

A great place to start over

Some 20 + years ago I walked into Auto-Use with a $1000 in my pocket and a credit rating that wouldn't get me a bag of peanuts. They welcomed me and made me feel like I was someone . With a pay stub a checking account a few days later I dove away in a nice dependable sports car with a weekly payment that was very easy on the wallet. Now some 6 cars later, including 3 Corvettes , i wouldn't think of ever going anywhere else. Dave Parker has been an extraordinary salesman over the years and now deals with not only me , my girlfriend, her daughter and meny of my friends. We have all come a long way with the help of the fine people of Auto-Use .

Great sales help / Great service

Enjoying my 5th lease and, obviously, very pleased with sales (Seth), service (Dave Brown) and customer service over quite a few years. Honest, fair values. Pleased enough to refer a number of people over the years, including several of my children.

David, I just want to take a moment to thank you, Auto-Use, and the entire staff and management at Auto-Use for taking care of my wife and son by putting them into vehicles that are safe and reliable.It has been a long, long time since we've been able to feel, for even a moment, that things are starting to turn around for us and the economy. Since Lucent got rid of everyone I/we have been fighting to keep our heads above water and feel like we belong with everyone else in society. Some of the things we've had to drive would scare even the calmest person. Really! I am and will be letting everyone I know what your business does and I alone appreciate very much the consideration of a company helping those who have been hit by hard times (8 long years) and have some hope that things might be turning around after all these years! God Bless Glen


You probably hear from many customers appreciating their car buying experience and the professional and friendly atmosphere at Autouse. But what happens when, through no ones fault, a mechanical problem arises and a customer needs help. Well at Autouse the professional and friendly staff did not try to coverup or minimize the problem, they immediatly put their best mechanical staff on the job and and when it could not be quickly resolved, I received a full refund, and then purchased the car I should have bought in the first place. This a company that stands behind it's cars, and it's customers. It is a rare pleasure dealing with people with such high INTEGRITY. Thanks


I just want to say THANK YOU!! I am driving the Red 2013 VW Beetle and couldn't be happier! I live on Cape Cod and its quite a ride to Andover,but no worries!! My car was delivered to me registered and clean with a fresh oil change too!! Thank you for keeping the memory alive of my first car in 1985...a Red 1969 VW Bug,2-speed automatic!!

Excellent Company and service

This is now coming onto my third car from AutoUse. There service and customer management is the best I have had from any dealership. They go above and beyond without any sales tactics to get you into the car you desire. Especially must thank Dave Parker for all his help and would recommend him for anyone using AutoUse. Once again thank you for the great experience you provide.

Best all around

I've been a customer for 8 years and I can't express my gratitude for these guys. They go above and beyond they exceed my expectations. If you want a good car & good service here is the place. No matter what your needs and concerns are you will be treated courteously and respectfully. They put there customers first. Thanks Autouse & my favorite sales rep S.Bannon!!!

The Way It Should Be...

Both my son (Doug) and myself were looking at used SUV's for Doug. We looked online to cover as much as possible. We went to several dealers and got the usual B.S. and high pressure. When we called and went to the Auto-Use dealership... All that changed. We spoke with Steve Lesaffre in Sales and he was very pleasant. He listened to what we were interested in and clearly explained things to us. There was NO pressure, NO B.S., and NO nonsense. The little things that make a used car a used car were fixed, the car was washed and a full tank of gas. The price was also very good. There was professionalism from start to finish. You owe it to yourself to see Steve at Auto-Use when looking for another vehicle. Two (2) Happy Customers, Richard & Doug Baker

Excellent experience!

I've bought many cars over the last 30 years but Autouse, by far, has been my best experience. Every person I dealt with has been courteous, attentive, and straightforward; characteristics hard to find at most places. Ed Baroffio, the sales rep., did a terrific job and made the car buying process simple and efficient. My car has been great and I will definitely be visiting AutoUse for my future car purchases.

Love the Car

I love my new car; I walked into the dealership with doubt on my mind. I knew the dealership would ask us to put more money down because of credit history or not approve us for the loan. Seth Bennon is the best salesmen I have ever encountered; He allowed our first experience leasing a vehicle wonderful. Auto- use has inherited a lifelong customer. I love my 2010 Honda Accord and the payments work for us

2005 TrailBlazer

We bought our Trail Blazer though these people and couldn't be happier with the service and welcoming we got through them... I am trying to buy a second car through them now.. We have paid off the Trail Blazer and would like to get another car... Wish us luck...

I am very happy with my car and the helpfulness of everyone there. I do not have the best credit and they did everything they could to get me into a great car and low payments. I am a long time customer and I would never buy a car anywhere else. Thank you to everyone.

Great Businesss

I had gone into Auto Use thinking I was just going to look at a car. The people there were great! They got me into a car the suited me. Within 3 days I drove my new car off the lot. Anyone that does not have the greatest credit they will help you build it. I am a satisfied customer.

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